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Group Working to Bring Bike Park and New Trails to Idaho Falls

By Rett Nelson,  July 4, 2018

IDAHO FALLS – Volunteer groups are spearheading efforts to build a new multifaceted bike trail in Idaho Falls.

The Ryder Park Bike Trail is being developed in a 1-mile area south of the Sunnyside bridge. From the bridge, it will extend west to Ryder Park and north to Snake River Landing before it reconnects with the Riverwalk bike path along Broadway. Eventually the trail will include multiple paths of varying difficulties.

Local rider Gray Augustus is involved in the construction of the Ryder Park Bike Trail. He tells there’s been a big push for several years to have a space in town where riders can go for a jaunt on short notice.

“We didn’t have a place in the area where people could do that,” Augustus says. “We looked at different spots. There was already a lot of natural trail down in the Ryder Park area. I brought it up with the city and nobody really understood how much ground is there between the walkway and the river. It’s a little bit of a forgotten area.”

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