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Idaho Falls, Idaho

Heritage Park

The Newest Park in Idaho Falls

The over 14 acre Heritage Park is made possible by a land donation and commitments by private and nonprofit partners, and is intended to highlight the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of Idaho Falls. The park’s advantageous location along the Snake River presents a wonderful opportunity to add to the Idaho Falls Parks system. The Heritage Park theme was inspired by the community, a community that developed around the scenic Snake River and is uniquely vast in agricultural, nuclear and hydroelectric power. The theme for the park will represent and celebrate this heritage.

Heritage Park will also celebrate the area’s impressive natural resources. There is a growing concern that kids and families are becoming increasingly disconnected with the outdoors. Current research confirms this disconnect and demonstrates that children who interact regularly in the outdoors are more mentally acute, physically healthy, socially adept, and more likely to maintain a positive disposition toward the environment and natural resources as adults. Heritage Park will play an important role in connecting children and families to nature while blending the richness of the area’s culture.

Contact City of Idaho Falls Parks & Recreation for more information: 208-612-8480


Heritage Park is located 2 miles from downtown Idaho falls and will play an important role in the City’s larger regional greenbelt and river walk system. The broad connection implies that Heritage Park will serve future neighbors as well as the greater Idaho Falls community. While the park site has excellent examples of riparian ecosystems along the river, the majority of the site has been mined for sand and gravel leaving many erosion prone, non vegetated areas with low ecological value.

Master Plan Highlights

The Snake Stream

This small diversion offers the opportunity for unique educational and play programming for visitors of all ages


A network of trails of varying width, and media are imagined to frame the park, allowing visitors to wander, exercise, and explore.

Surface Water Gardens

Water plays an integral role in Heritage Park with the Snake River, the water diversion stream and the surface water rain gardens.

Island Exploration

The island area below the damn allow visitors to see the dynamic systems that establish these areas.

The Snake River Promontory

The Snake River Promontory is envisioned as a mound with and spiraling walk and staircase that allows visitors to access the top. A vertical tower on top would allow an expansive view of the Snake River and valley.

Community Events Green/Amphitheater

A community events green/amphitheater allows a venue for accommodating special events of varying scales. The amphitheater seating is envisioned as earthen berms with integrated benched flat areas.

Heritage Stops

In homage to its setting, the park will feature educational heritage stops around the park to teach visitors about local history, ecology, and geology.

Nature Play

One of the goals of Heritage Park is to encourage children and families to engage with nature. A dedicated nature play area facilitates this experience by utilizing natural elements to encourage play.