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What Are Examples of Commercial Real Estate?

For any thriving business, the right commercial real estate is more than just bricks and mortar—it's the cornerstone that can determine the success and expansion of your business operations. Idaho Falls, with its flourishing economy and strategic location, offers an array of commercial real estate options to match various business needs. We’re sharing the different types of commercial real estate, with a spotlight on the diverse offerings at Snake River Landing.

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Office Buildings: These are spaces designed for businesses that operate in a primarily administrative capacity. Office spaces can be classified further:

  • Class A: Premium office spaces often in high-demand areas with state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Class B: More affordable spaces, might be a bit older but still offer good value.
  • Class C: The most affordable, usually requiring some renovation.

Retail/Restaurant: These include shopping malls, strip malls, and standalone stores. They are designed to cater to businesses that require a storefront.

Industrial: Industrial spaces include warehouses, manufacturing buildings, and multi-use spaces.

Multifamily: These refer to apartment complexes and other high-density housing units. Though primarily residential, they are considered commercial if they have rental income.

Hotels/Resorts: They can range from smaller motels to luxurious resorts.

Special Purpose: These are properties designed for a specific business type, like gas stations, schools, or car washes.

Commercial Real Estate Options at Snake River Landing

Nestled in Idaho Falls, Snake River Landing stands out as a beacon of modern commercial real estate. Here's a glimpse into what it sets Snake River Landing apart as one of the best areas for commercial development in Idaho Falls:

Modern Office Spaces: With the rise of tech-driven businesses and startups in Idaho Falls, Snake River Landing offers premium office spaces that resonate with the modern-day needs of businesses. These spaces are not just about connectivity and comfort; they're about creating environments where ideas thrive.

Retail Outlets: Understanding the shopping patterns of today's consumers, Snake River Landing has a mix of retail spaces. Whether you're a local artisan looking for a boutique space or a brand aiming to launch a flagship store, there's something for everyone.

Waterfront Dining and Eateries: Capitalizing on the scenic beauty of Snake River, there are specially designed spaces for restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Businesses can offer their customers an unparalleled dining experience with a view.

Event Venues: With a focus on community engagement and fostering business interactions, there are event spaces ideal for corporate seminars, product launches, and community gatherings.

Special Purpose Real Estate: From daycare centers to fitness studios, Snake River Landing has provisions for businesses that require uniquely designed spaces.

Ready-to-Build Lots: With a carefully thought-out master plan, Snake River Landing has several lot options with utilities already on site, saving time and money. 

Why Choose Snake River Landing for Your Commercial Real Estate Needs?

Strategic Location: Situated in the heart of Idaho Falls, it offers easy accessibility for businesses, clients, and customers.

Diverse Options: Be it a startup or an established enterprise, there's a space for every business size and type.

Modern Amenities: From high-speed internet connectivity to green spaces for relaxation, businesses and their employees get the best of amenities.

Community Engagement: Regular events, gatherings, and festivities ensure a steady footfall, benefiting the businesses housed here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right commercial real estate is pivotal for the growth and sustainability of any business. Idaho Falls, with its dynamic economy, provides a variety of options. But, for those looking for a blend of strategic location, modern amenities, and a sense of community, Snake River Landing is a winning choice. Explore the opportunities it offers, and give your business the space it deserves.

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